Instruction manual

I.  Overview:

    Combustion system control solenoid valve series are normally closed fast-opening fast-closing, slow-opening and fast-closing two kinds of gas safety solenoid valves. If there is no current excitation, the airflow channel remains closed under the action of the spring. The valve opens quickly, slowly opens to the initial air flow position, and then opens slowly at an adjustable speed. When the current disappears, the valve closes quickly.

    Combustion system control solenoid valve series is suitable for the following cut off of gas and air, as well as adjustment control. Gas burners, atmospheric furnaces, industrial combustion furnaces and all gas equipment using gas solenoid valves. Non-corrosive gases such as gas and air.

    Combustion system control solenoid valve series If the gas is corrosive, please specify when ordering.                                                      


Second, the  main technical parameters:

     Connection method : Thread interface : G1 / 2 " G3 / 8" ~ G2 "

     Flange connection : DN65 ~ DN100

     Rated voltage : 220VAC

     Voltage tolerance : -15% ~ + 10%

    Working temperature : -15 ℃ ~ + 60 

    Opening time : <1 second fast opening <20 seconds slow opening )

    Closing time: <1 second fast opening <1 second slow opening )

    Filter rating : 600 [mu] metal

    Protection level : standard IP65

    Cable : junction box type

    Standard plug type

    Coil insulation level : H level

    Coil heat-resistant grade : F grade

    Sealing material : NBR

    Body material : Die-cast aluminum alloy

    Pressure measuring aperture : G1 / 4 "

   Engineering application:


  Fourth valve maintenance:

 It is recommended that users regularly check the valve for opening and closing. If any failure is found, the professional or manufacturer should be notified in time for maintenance.

  Five quality assurance

   Chengdu Tenda Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tenda) products are strictly inspected before they leave the factory and meet the relevant national standards or industry standards.

   Chengdu Tenda Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. promises that every customer who purchases a Tenda product will have a free replacement if there is a quality problem within one year from the date of purchase of the product. Products that are damaged or missing due to the following conditions are not eligible for this free replacement service:

  1. Negligence, accident, disaster, improper installation and use;

  2. Unauthorized disassembly and modification of the product;

  3. Damage caused by the transportation process; (negotiated with the freight carrier)

  4. Materials or defects in design and manufacturing that cannot be found at the scientific and technological level when the product is put into circulation.

  Six Limitation of Liability

    1. The  user should acknowledge that the product itself has determined the purpose and suitability of purchasing it, and Ternda is not responsible for the consequences of the recommendations provided.

    2.  Tenda is not responsible for the loss caused by the use and maintenance of the product not strictly in accordance with the requirements of this product manual.

    3.  Any problems caused by the use and maintenance of products by non-qualified personnel, or unauthorized changes or replacement of internal parts, will not be held responsible.

    This product manual is published by Tenda. Due to typographical errors or continuous product updates, the content of this manual may differ from the actual product. These changes are subject to change without notice. For the latest version, please call our company.

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